Established 1872

Peace, Perseverance and Progress

welcome to Camanio No. 19 in Stanwood. Let us start you off with a brief yet thorough history of just how our lodge came into being nearly a century and a half ago...

The Stanwood Masonic Center was originally established on the old Market Street in 1889.
The oldest Masonic Lodge in Snohomish County is Camanio Lodge No. 19 At Stanwood.
Originally established at Utsalady, Camano Island, Island County, it moved to Stanwood in 1890.

May 2, 1872 M.W. Bro Granville O. Haller, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, a veteran of the Mexican, Indian and Civil Wars; Grand Master of Masons in Washington Territory, granted a dispensation to organize a Masonic Lodge at Utsalady. The petition for dispensation had been approved by Whidbey Island Lodge No. 15 of Coupeville. The petition did not propose a name for the new lodge and Grand Master Haller suggested the name of their island, incorrectly spelling it, "Camanio."
The incorrect spelling has never been corrected. The dispensation named the following officers: William Fowler, Worshipful Master; Andrew Frazer, Senior Warden; Colin Chisholm, Junior Warden. The lodge was convened by Grand Master Haller, the following quotation being taken from the Annual Address to Grand Lodge in 1872, "The brethren very prudently proceeded to erect a suitable hall before holding meeting, and on the 18th day of August last, the Saturday preceding the full of the moon, I had the pleasure of convening and setting the craft to work in their new hall. The energy and zeal of this new lodge gives promise of great usefulness."

In those days it was the practice of many lodges to hold their stated communications on a certain week day, "preceding the full of the moon," because the brothers frequently had to walk considerable distances through the woods or over rough and rugged roads to attend lodge and they needed the light of the full moon to make the journey safer and easier.

Another interesting commentary on one of the problems of those early days is found in another passage from the Grand Master's Address.
"Perhaps the time has come, when this Grand Body should determine the status of brethren within our jurisdiction who maintain Indian women and are raising families of mixed blood." The Grand Lodge disposed of this problem by adopting the report of the committee to which the problem was referred, to the effect that Masons living in adultery with either white or Indian women were guilty of gross unMasonic conduct and subject too expulsion. The records show that following this action by Grand Lodge there was a sharp rise, for a time, in the number of marriage licenses issued throughout the state, particularly in those for white men and Indian women.

Camanio Lodge was chartered September 20, 1872 and constituted some time later in the year by M.W. Bro Haller, who had been re-elected Grand Master in 1872. Officers installed were: William Fowler, W.M.; Andrew Frazer, S.W.; Peter D'Jorup, J.W.; James Taylor, Treas.; Thomas Cranney, Secy.; J.M. Brownell, S.D.; Henry Livingston, J.D.; James Villey, Steward; _____Puggard, Tyler.

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  • Stated Meetings

    Second Thursday
    of each month

    7:30 PM

    27205 102nd Ave NW
    Stanwood, WA 98292


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