Useful Forms

These forms are provided courtesy of Grand Lodge of Washington

You must have Acrobat Reader (free download) to view
and download the .pdf forms.
See below.

Monthly Report - Full Report (MS Word)

Monthly Report - Nothing to Report (MS Word)

Proficiency in Lodge Management (MS Word) -- Rev. 1 - January 2007

Application for Life Membership (MS Word)

Lodge By-Laws (Form 28) (.dot)

Secretary's Minute page (.pdf) 1

Secretary's Minute page (.dot)

Washington Masonic Code Order Form (MS Word)

Dues Statement Order Form (MS Word)

Charity Request Form (MS Word)

Election Form (MS Word)

Temple Corporation Forms (Instructions)

Certificate to Amend-Restate (needed by both Single and Multi-Body)

Single Body
By Laws
Articles of Incorporation

Multi Body
By Laws
Articles of Incorporation

Petition for the Degrees - Electronic .pdf 2, 3
Prints on Legal size paper. If this does not print properly -- if it seems to think it should be fitting on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and therefore prints very small print -- try this fix: When you press the print button, the print dialog box comes up. Before you click OK, there is a check box that says Choose paper source by PDF page size. Make sure this box is checked.
If you do not have this option, you may have an older version of Acrobat.
You can get a newer version by going to the Adobe Acrobat site below.

Petition for Plural - Back (MS Word .dot)

Petition for Plural - Front (MS Word .dot)

Investigative Form - Electronic .pdf 2

Trial Forms


1 - Secretary's Minute page. This page is NOT a Grand Lodge form. It is provided by Karl Hill, past president of the Secretary's Association, as a courtesy. This form is a suggestion only; how minutes are recorded and kept is, as always, up to the individual Lodge.

2 - Electronic .pdf forms. Use of electronic .pdf forms depends on which program you are using to access them.

Acrobat Reader - You may use Acrobat Reader to tab from field to field on the electronic forms. You may then PRINT and MAIL those forms - and be sure to print a copy for yourself. It is not possible to save the filled-in form or e-mail it as an attachment.

Acrobat - Full version - With this version, you may fill out the form electronically, save it, and e-mail it as an attachment to Maryann@freemason-wa.org.

Confusing? I know. I'm only the messenger! The difference? Acrobat Reader is a free download; the full version of Acrobat is $250 +/-.

3 - Petition for the Degrees - .pdf. The fields for Lodge name and number, and the Lodge fee and total fee can be entered before printing. The form should then be printed for use, and mailed to Grand Lodge as a standard form. Please note that this form is to be printed on legal size paper; please print on BOTH SIDES of the page so that the petition is constructed correctly.


You may download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the button above. It will take you to the Adobe site, where you may download the program. It only takes a few minutes, and after installation you will be able to view all of our forms, publications, etc. simply by clicking on the proper link.

All above forms links were painstakingly created and provided
Marty McCarthy.

Camanio #19 thanks you, Marty.


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